Al-Azhar College of Arts & Science

Clubs & Activities

National Service Scheme

The NSS unit of the college was started in 2004. There are two NSS units in our college (No: 093A, 093B). They are intended to arouse the social consciousness of the student community by training them to be useful to the sociaety, making them different and more creative. The NSS aims at this through community service.

The membership in NSS is voluntary and strictly on selective bassis. Those who complete 240 hours of work in two years are entitled to a certificate issued by the university and it will be treated as an additional qualification in recuritments to public services. Besides, they are eligible to get grace marks at the time of admission to higher studies.

Red Ribbon Club Programme

Red Ribbon Club Programme (RRCP) is a comprehensive promotional and preventive intervention to enahance voluntary blood donation as well as mainstream HIV & AIDS prevention, care & support and treatment impact, mitigation, stigma reduction, among the youth in educatiional institutions. It will also prepare and promote youth peer educators within and outside the campuses. Through TTC youth are encouraged to learn about safe and healthy lifestyles. This college donated 150 units of blood in the academic year. It is one of the best RRC unit in this district.

Nature Club

Nature Club is a co-curricular activity with a mission. As a co-curricular activity, it offers opportunities to learn, to develop skills, use talents and have fun. As a mission it attempts to get the uninitiated to enjoy and care for nature, it attemps to spread awareness about the environment and undertake activities to nature and help environment climbing, photography, omithology anything close to nature through various programmes. We are open to anyone who is enterested regardless of experience. Each of our programme is awakening, an exploration in commitment is to maintain and preserve the lands and waterways while introducing you to a single, self-reliant, low impact lifestyle. The nature club while having strongly commmitted to conservation believes that the ufn element is necessary to have meaningful and sustained contribution by the students to the conservation efforts.

Tourism Club

Through Tourism Club, we are re-establishing the traditional Indian concerpt of athithi devo bhava in the tourism industry. Our motto should be to receive a guest and to send back an friend. Setting up fo Tourism Clubs in the colleges and schools is aimed at creating proper awareness about tourism among youth.