Al-Azhar College of Arts & Science

Examination Policy


Evaluation and Examination Policy aims to set guidelines on the evaluation and examinations conducted in the college for students. Students and teachers are expected to familiarise themselves with these policies.

In a parent or student requires any clarification in this regard, they are advised to contact the corresponding staff advisors.

Last updated: 01 May, 2018

Policy Owner: Principal, Al-Azhar College of Arts & Science

Internal Examination

  • There will be two internal exams and one Model Exam in each semester
  • The first Internal will be after about 20 working days, and the questions will be from the first module.
  • It will be a two hour test and there will be two tests in a day
  • The Second Internal will be after about 50 working days and the questions will be from the second, third and fourth modules
  • Second Internal will also be a two hour test but there will be only one test a day
  • The Model Examination will be after about 70 working days and the questions will be from all the topics prescribed in the syllabus
  • It will be a three hour test, conducted on alternate days

Revision Examinations

  • In addition to the Internal Examinations as mentioned abover, revision test papers will also be conducted in all subjects.
  • Evaluations or examinations will not be deferred or anticipated to suit individual conveniences.
  • Perfect order and discipline should be maintained during tests and examinations.

Exam Invigilation

All teachers of the college are required to act in conformation with the exam invigilation upon assignment of the duty.

  • All the Invigilators should reach the Examination Hall at least 10 minutes before the commencement of each examination.
  • Collect the answer books and question papers from the office, count them and the defective answer books/question papers if any, are to be got replaced by good ones
  • Distribute the answer books 10 minutes before the commencement of the examination (2 strokes bell) and direct them to fill the Name , Registration Number, and other relevant details in the spaces provided on the first page of the answer book.
  • The Question Paper/Booklet should be given at the chiming of the 3-strokes bell.
  • The Invigilator should take the attendance of the students on the printed Form after 15 minutes of the commencement of the Examination.
  • The Invigilator should be VIGILANT throughout the duration of the Examination.
  • No students should be permitted in the Examination Hall without the ID Card.
  • If any student found with any unauthorized material, he should be immediately debarred from that examination. The unauthorized material should be tagged properly to the answer script, and the front page of the script should be marked across in red as ‘Malpractice Case’.
  • Do not allow mobile phones or any other electronic equipment in the examination hall.
  • Five minutes before the closing of the examinations, announce “last 5 minutes” and do not allow any candidate to leave the room. After the examination time is over (3 stroke bell) ask the candidates to stop writing and put their pen down.